I saw a lot of White-tailed Deer at the Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area today. At least five different deer.

I was exploring in a new area for me. I had gotten off the beaten path a bit and was making my way down an isolated dirt trail. About 200 yards/meters along the way I encountered my first deer. A nice big buck. He was traveling in the low area between the trail and some railroad tracks. I heard him coming well before I saw him, so I just crouched down and waited. Sure enough the deer came strolling by just a few minutes later. With about 10 yards/meters separating us the deer stopped cold. He knew there was something wrong, but he couldn’t figure out what it was! He turned and looked me right in the eyes. We stared at each other for nearly 3 minutes before the tension broke. The buck snorted and and took off running. He crossed the road right in front of me and then ditched into the trees on the opposite side. About 25 yards/meters into woods he stopped. I couldn’t see him, but I could hear him snorting and stomping!

A fleeing White-tailed Deer Buck.

After catching my breath, I again continued down the road. After about another 200 yards/meters I come over a small rise and discovered a Coyote standing in the middle of the trail. A soon as he saw me the Coyote started retreating down the road. I started taking pictures. Every once in a while he would stop and look back to see if I was following. As I was snapping photographs I was surprised to see, in my viewfinder, a deer crossing the road about 50 yards/meters past the Coyote! My second deer sighting of the day.

The Coyote and deer together.

Just a little further down the trail and I hear more activity in the woods between the trail and the railroad. I had spooked three bucks that were bedded down in a dried stream bed together. Again, all three of them, each in his turn, stood there staring at me just 15 yards/meters away before decided what to do. When they finally ran, they all headed over the railroad tracks. I could hear them struggle to climb the gravel-covered berm as they went.

One of the three bucks I spooked out of a dried stream bed.

2 Replies to “White-tailed Deer – LLELA”

  1. HI! 🙂 I am really interested in finding deer antler sheds. It is very exciting to me. I have been watching a few spots off of 380 in the Little Elm/Aubrey area where I live and I have taken a few pics but they are kinda blurry. There is one field that has about 10-15 deer feeding in it. I did find one antler near that field but it was from a deer that was eaten by something and it was just the skeleton. I have seen a bunch of mountain lion tracks in this area too so im sure thats what got it. Can you give me any tips on finding more deer antler sheds? In Frisco or around that area?

    1. Hi Melinda. I wish I could give you some tips on finding antlers. I keep and eye out for them every time I am in a likely spot, but I have never come across them.

      I would really like to see the Mountain Lion tracks you found. Do you have any pictures?

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