The system of greenbelt parks that follow White Rock Creek through the city of Dallas continue to support an amazingly large population of Raccoons. That is true north of White Rock Lake, and it is also true south of the spillway, as the pictures below demonstrate.

This group of Raccoons was originally attracted to this location by salted peanuts I had scattered as bait, but they continued to return night after night presumably to to feed on the native mast on the forest floor.

These photographs were recorded close to the Sante Fe Trail just north of the Tenison Golf Course.

Raccoons invading the clearing!
There are four Raccoons in this picture!
A pair of Raccoons dining with their pal the Opossum!
This photograph was recorded on the night of October 8, two days after the Scouting Cameras were placed at this location.
Glowing eyes!
Four young Raccoons.
There are five Raccoons in this photograph dated October 12, 2012.
A rare midday appearance photographed on October 14, 2012.

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