This Gray Fox sighting comes to us from Nancy Phillips in Corinth, Texas. Nancy reports seeing these foxes in a vacant lot just adjacent to her apartment complex. She says that as many as five foxes live on this property, and that they were typically observed at dusk and early in the morning.

On one occasion, Nancy was able to photograph a juvenile and adult fox together. When the pair became aware of Nancy’s presence, the adult barked a warning to the kit, who then quickly retreated into the safety of some nearby trees.

Nancy enjoyed the antics of the foxes, and would sometimes sit on the steps of her apartment to watch them. Often the foxes went about their business undisturbed. Other times they did not appreciate Nancy’s attention, and they would communicate their displeasure by barking at her.

An adult and juvenile Gray Fox in Corinth, Texas.

4 Replies to “Gray Fox – Charming”

    1. That is excellent! I have not seen many Gray Foxes, though I know they’re around. I haven’t even recorded one on a trail camera yet! i would like to see more.

  1. If you tell people where the foxes are then someone will go there and poison them or trap them or kill them. Please do not tell anyone where they are.

  2. Gray foxes like to live in densely wooded areas. Because of urban sprawl they are forced to live in vacant lots and in terribly dangerous places. If anyone wants to help please protest the destruction of their habitats. Write letters, protest, speak out against builders who come in and destroy ALL of the wooded areas. In every community there should be areas set aside just for the animals and NOT for humans to tramp around in and disturb and abuse them. Please anyone who cares SPEAK OUT. Call your senators and representatives and call the White House. Tell them you want wildlife protected. The Parks and Wildlife Department actually kills the animals…that is what they mean by ‘conservation’. Do not believe they help them they do NOT.

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