Earlier this summer I saw and photographed my first Mississippi Kite. Before that day I was never aware of having seen one.

Now, I find that I am seeing them quite frequently, especially in certain landscapes. Its remarkable how things can change once you allow yourself to become open to a new possibility.

A juvenile Mississippi Kite.
A juvenile Mississippi Kite.

Most of my observations of Mississippi Kites this year have occurred around Old Alton Bridge in Denton County. This heavily wooded area is location at the point where Hickory Creek flows into Lake Lewisville.

A juvenile Mississippi Kite.
An adult Mississippi Kite.

The other place I have found an abundance of Mississippi Kites is out along Wolf Springs Road in far south east Dallas County. That is where the pictures included in this post came from. In this area you will find a strange mix of farm land, mining, and Trinity River bottoms. The kites seem to love it.

An adult Mississippi Kite.
A juvenile Mississippi Kite.

Observations Details

County Dallas
City Unincorporated
Date Aug 26, 2012
Time of Day Afternoon
Temperature Warm (70-89°F/21-32°C)
Weather Overcast
Habitat Agricultural-Farm
Type of Behavior Surveying
Gender Mixed
Maturity Mixed
Observer Chris Jackson
Main Article Mississippi Kite Observation Location

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