We went on an exciting but challenging hike in the Joppa Preserve this weekend. For this expedition we made our way along the south end of Lemmon Lake and around to the Trinity River. From there we worked our way through masses of Greenbrier vines and other obstacles as we blazed a trail between the lake and the river. As far as I could tell, this was the first time in ages anyone has ventured back that way.

When we arrived at Lemmon Lake just after dawn we were delighted to see a sizable flock of Wood Storks in the general vicinity. The group was leaving the lake, apparently heading toward the river. They landed in a tree far in the distance.

A smaller group stayed at the lake allowing us a few long distance photographs. Other individuals flew in, out and over the area with some frequency.

As we made our way around the south end of Lemmon Lake we would occasionally catch glimpses of Wood Storks roosting in trees near the river. The trees were still very far off in the distance, but we were getting closer all the time.

Finally, we reached a small clearing on the trail and were surprised to find ourselves standing directly next to a tree full of the large white birds. The Wood Storks were very tolerant of us. The birds stayed put through almost three minutes of conversation before we spotted them, and then another full minute of photography before the more exposed birds decided to move along.

Observations Details

County Dallas
City Dallas
Date Jul 15, 2012
Time of Day Morning
Temperature Hot (greater than 89°F/32°C)
Weather Overcast
Habitat Recreation-Park
Type of Behavior Congregating
Gender Mixed
Maturity Mixed
Observer Chris Jackson
Main Article Wood Stork Observation Location

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