What Lengths will a Fox Squirrel go to to secure bird seed from your bird feeder? Quite a lot, as it turns out.

This Fox Squirrel was determined to get to the bird seed in this feeder. It climbed up to a fork in the tree and reclined there, with the feeder in view, as if to ponder the situation.

At first, the squirrel tried a somewhat conventional approach. He simply climbed down to a position on the tree trunk where the bird feeder was easy within reach. He stretched out and gathered a quite handful of seeds. He ate these quickly, and then returned to his previous spot to consider the situation further (or maybe to digest).

When the squirrel was ready to try again, he took a different tack. This time he grasped the tree trunk with his feet, and allowed himself to dangle down to the same level as the bird seed. A little swing and he was able to grab a quick handful of seeds, which he devoured while still inverted.

The squirrel repeated this behavior several more times. It was obviously his preferred technique. Perhaps it was fun.

Eventually, this inventive fellow became full and then moved on to other squirrelish business.