White-tailed Deer inside Dallas city limits? These pictures were taken between May 9 and May 16, 2012. The photographs show a number of White-tailed Deer moving through the woods in the Great Trinity Forest south of Loop 12. Several does are seen roaming together. Bucks, which are clearly showing signs of antler growth, also congregate together in many of these photographs. At one point, one of these male deer gives my Scouting Camera a comical, but thorough examination.

White-tailed Deer inside Dallas city limits? Here, a pair of does are seen grazing together along side a well worn game trail.
There are three female White-tailed Deer in this picture. the two in the foreground are easy to see. The third is partially obscured by branches in the back ground. Can you see her?
A lone buck approaches my Scouting Camera.
He clearly recognizes the camera as something unusual.
Scouting Cameras make noises either when they are activated by motion, or while they are taking pictures (maybe both). The deer in this picture hears those noises.
Puzzled by this curiosity in his path, this White-tailed Deer takes a closer look.
There are three bucks in this picture. Can you see them all?
These White-tailed Deer are sensitive to changes in their environment. They recognize my Scouting Camera as something out of the ordinary and are leery of it.
It took several minutes for these two bucks to work up the nerve to continue past my Scouting Camera.

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  1. On 11/17/15 I spotted a six point buck in the Cottonwood Creek Nature Preserve in Wilmer, Texas.
    My back yard connects to the preserve and have never seen deer before. It was a great experience with my two daughters present to see such a majestic animal within Dallas County.

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