An adult Coyote was observed passing through a residential subdivision in Carrollton, Texas. He was seen crossing a boulevard and then cutting between two house and heading for the alley. This observation was made at around 7am on March 29, 2012.

Wikipedia has this to say about Coyotes:

Female coyotes are monoestrous, and remain in estrus for two to five days between late January and early March, during which mating occurs. Once the female chooses a partner, the mated pair may remain temporarily monogamous for a number of years. Coyotes also practice alloparental care, in which a wolf pair adopts the pup or pups of another pair. This might take place if the original parents die or are for some reason separated from them. This behavior is common and is seen in many other animal species. Depending on geographic location, spermatogenesis in males takes around 54 days, and occurs between January and February. The gestation period lasts from 60 to 63 days. Litter size ranges from one to 19 pups; the average is six. These large litters act as compensatory measures against the high juvenile mortality rate – about 50–70% of pups do not survive to adulthood. The pups weigh approximately 250 grams at birth, and are initially blind and limp-eared. Coyote growth rate is faster than that of wolves, being similar in length to that of the dhole. The eyes open and ears become erect after 10 days. Around 21–28 days after birth, the young begin to emerge from the den, and by 35 days, they are fully weaned. Both parents feed the weaned pups with regurgitated food. Male pups will disperse from their dens between months 6 and 9, while females usually remain with the parents and form the basis of the pack. The pups attain full growth between 9 and 12 months old. Sexual maturity is reached by 12 months. Unlike wolves, mother coyotes will tolerate other lactating females in their pack.

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  1. i have no inclination to “share” my neighborhood with coyotes or possums.

    i don’t like guns, have no wish to have any kind of weapon, but i hope it isn’t illegal for city folks who legally possess firearms to kill these wild devils on sight. why “devils”? — because domestic animals might be attacked or killed by coyotes. it’s unreasonable to have to have a cat curfew to allow for “wild” predators roaming city residential areas.

    given a choice of my cat being torn up or coyote-extinction, i don’t care if coyotes vanish from the world.

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