This Variegated Meadowhawk was found stranded in some shallow water flowing over the concrete base of a pedestrian bridge. The dragonfly tried repeated to free himself from his watery trap by buzzing his wings. Ordinarily, this action would allow the dragonfly to become airborne, but in this case the insect could not escape the grasp of the water.

The dragonfly’s vibrating wings did create some interesting and unusual ripple patterns in the water, however.

The meadowhawk was too far from shore for us to be able to assist him, and to make matters worse, his wing vibrations were attracting the notice of a nearby school of pan fish. Fortunately, the slowly flowing water would shortly carry the dragonfly a little further down the creek to a section where reeds and other plants were growing in the water. Hopefully, one of these plants would give the dragonfly means to escape the water.

But, would he make it there in time?

DateNov 13, 2011
Time of DayMidmorning
TemperatureWarm (70-89°F/21-32°C)
Type of BehaviorStruggling
ObserverChris Jackson

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