This time I set my Scouting Camera up in an interesting location in north Carrollton. This site is a small (5 to 6 acres) tract containing a many different habitats available to the Coyotes. In this small area there are two ponds, one small stream, marshy areas, wooded areas, and open fields. The area is even more unusual because it is completely encircled by houses and apartments.

Although completely surrounded by residential neighborhoods, this piece of land seems unlikely to be developed any time soon. It appears to be subject to regular flooding, and is probably unsuited to anything other than use as a park.

Even though the area seems safe from development for the time being, it is not without the signs of human activity. In some places people have dumped trash, in other areas people have carved trails through the woods for bicycles and the like. Kids have built tree houses and forts.

I baited the camera with apples which quickly attracted two of the biggest, healthiest looking Coyotes I have seen in the metroplex.
As you can see these two Coyotes are making short work of the apples, and have already taken a bite or two from nearly every one.
This guy is huge and muscular, with a nice thick coat. Clearly this urban Coyote is doing very well!
An urban Coyote feeding on apples.
Several hours later what looks to be a different Coyote from the first two shows up in front of the camera. If this is indeed another Coyote, that would make at least three individuals living in this very small enclave.

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