This Mourning Dove nest was discovered with two eggs in it over the 4th of July holiday. The nest is located in a hanging basket on the balcony of the photographer’s apartment.

The original pair of eggs hatched and the brood was successfully raised, with the young doves leaving the nest around the beginning of August. A second set of eggs were laid around the August 4th, and hatched on August the 22nd.

The photographer speculates that these doves may be a pair she watched earlier in the summer nesting on a drain pipe near the roof of the building across from her apartment. That nest fell from the drain pipe shortly after the first brood raised there left the nest. If this is the case, then that would make three broods (6 squabs) raised by this pair of doves this season.

DateAugust 23, 2008 – August 29, 2008
Time of DayMorning
TemperatureHot (greater than 89°F/32°C)
Type of BehaviorCare of Young
ObserverBlanche Griffiths

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