I found this American Bullfrog hunkered down under some bushes on the side of my house. It was a surprising find. It is my understanding that bullfrogs require a sizable body of standing water in order to thrive. There is no body of standing water, of any size, closer than approximately 200yds/183m from my house.

Shortly after finding this bullfrog, we also came across a dark morph Gulf Coast Toad. Gulf Coast Toads are very common in North Texas neighborhoods, so I included the toad in some of the photographs below for size comparison purposes.

A female American Bullfrog. The eardrum (tympanum) on the female is roughly the same size as the eye. On a male it is substantially larger.
American Bullfrog
An adult Gulf Coast Toad and an American Bullfrog together for size comparison purposes.
Another look at the Gulf Coast Toad and bullfrog together.

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