I found this juvenile turtle in a shallow creek with a rocky bottom. The turtle was stationary, and well camouflaged in this environment. It was easy to collect, and did not try to flee when I reached for it. I took a few pictures, and then released the turtle back into the water.

A juvenile Pallid Spiny Softshell Turtle. This individual is approximately 3 inches/75mm in diameter.
A view of the turtle’s underside.
The turtle released back into the creek. The distinct patterns on the turtle’s legs are a key differentiating this Pallid Spiny Softshell Turtle from a Smooth Softshell Turtle, especially at this individual’s young age.

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  1. Wow! Good photos. I found your site today after trying to id the weird looking turtle. My 4 year old son and spotted one of these turtles at the Colleyville Nature Center this morning. I’m so glad we found your website. Keep up the good work.

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