This large male Texas Brown Tarantula was found in my mother’s garage in north Carrollton. The included photographs are intended to provide examples of the spider’s anatomical features, coloration, and size.

Although encountering a spider of this size can certainly be unnerving, we found this specimen to slow moving and non-aggressive. When any awareness of our presence was demonstrated by this tarantula, he responded only by making an effort to retreat, and never threatened to attack in any way.

A Texas Brown Tarantula making his way across a grassy lawn.
Here the tarantula has made his way on to some brown patio carpet allowing for a nice view of his pedipalp and chelicera.
Another shot of the Texas Brown Tarantula with an ordinary hand spade included to give a better sense of scale. The spider in this picture has a legspan of nearly 5 full inches.
The Texas Brown Tarantula quickly made his way over to a brick wall and immediately started up the side.
This closeup of the Texas Brown Tarantula provides an excellent opportunity to identify the spider’s various body parts, as well as a great chance to note the creature’s coloration as it changes from body part to body part.
This Texas Brown Tarantula’s fangs and spinnerets are clearly visible in this photograph of the spider’s underside.
Here is another great shot of the Texas Brown Tarantula’s large, venom filled fangs!

Observation Details

County Denton
City Carrollton
Date October 8, 2006
Time of Day Afternoon
Temperature Warm (70-89°F/21-32°C)
Weather Clear
Habitat Residential-Single Family
Type of Behavior Roaming
Gender Male
Maturity Adult
Observer Chris Jackson
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