Sep 142015
Texas Wildlife, Feb - Sept 2015

Our friend Richard Barnes has done it again. A couple of times a year Richard will stitch together a wonderful montage of wildlife videos he has taken in various places around the metroplex. A little over a year ago, Richard began these projects as a way to share some of the interesting things he was

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White-lined Sphinx Moth – Photobomb

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Apr 132013
White-lined Sphinx Moth - Photobomb

This photograph comes to us from Penny Halstead. Penny stopped to take a picture of this Nodding Plumeless Thistle when a White-lined Sphinx Moth photobombed her! Observation Details County – Dallas City – Hutchins Date – Apr 8, 2013 Time of Day – Afternoon Temperature – Warm (70-89°F/21-32°C) Weather – Cloudy Habitat – Undeveloped-Vacant Lot

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May 182012
White-lined Sphinx Moth - Caterpillar

A White-lined Sphinx Moth caterpillar found in the Joppa Preserve, Great Trinity Forest in Dallas, Texas. Observation Details County – Dallas City – Dallas Date – May 13, 2012 Time of Day – Noon Temperature – Warm (70-89°F/21-32°C) Weather – Clear Habitat – Recreation-Park Type of Behavior – Roaming Gender – Uncertain Maturity – Larva

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