Mar 292013
Striped Skunk - Interesting Encounter

Every once in a while a camera trap meant for one situation will record an interesting and candid moment of an entirely different situation. This camera trap was meant to document Feral Hog activity. Instead it recorded this interesting, and brief, encounter between a Striped Skunk and a Virginia Opossum.

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Nov 192012
Virginia Opossum - LLELA

I came across this Virgina Opossum the Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area (LLELA). I found him near the trailhead for the Bittern Trail. He was coming to the water’s edge for an early morning drink. After taking a few sips from this small stream, the opossum scampered back up the embankment to his den near

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Jan 242012
Journal - Rescue, Rehab, and Release

Dateline – March 1, 2009 This past spring my daughter and I were invited to participate in an event that turned out to be quite a remarkable experience. Valeri Marler of the Wildlife Center at Crosstimbers Ranch, a wildlife rehabilitation and education center, graciously asked us to accompany her in the releasing of a number

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