May 282014
Journal - A Walk Through LLELA

Insects were the order of the day on this early May walk through the Lewisville Lake Environmental learning Area (LLELA). In the late summer and early fall there will be an abundance of large grasshoppers of every kind in places like this, but in the spring it is the tiny grasshopper nymphs that foreshadow the

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Jan 292014
Variegated Meadowhawk - Egg Laying

Dragonflies as an insect group have an elaborate system of reproduction. Primary and secondary reproductive organs come into play requiring mating dragonflies to couple in bizarre looking ways. The odd conjunction connects the end of the Male’s abdomen to the top female’s head, and the end of the female’s abdomen to the bottom of the

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Jan 272014
Journal - Late Afternoon

Dateline – October 15, 2013 When I go out looking for wildlife to photograph I generally prefer to start my hikes at the crack of dawn. Morning is one of the two times each day when wildlife is likely to be most active, and of the two it is probably the best. With a full

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Jan 062014
Journal – Keep the Sun at Your Back

Dateline – October 20, 2013 If you are hoping to see wildlife it often pays to get an early start. A good plan is to arrive on site before dawn and wait until there is just enough light to see before you begin. Another tip—head west and keep the sun at your back. This simple

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Jan 022012

This Variegated Meadowhawk was found stranded in some shallow water flowing over the concrete base of a pedestrian bridge. The dragonfly tried repeated to free himself from his watery trap by buzzing his wings. Ordinarily, this action would allow the dragonfly to become airborne, but in this case the insect could not escape the grasp

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