Dec 032017
Camera Trapping the Swamp

I recently purchased a couple of Bushnell’s Aggressor wireless trail cameras. These cool little trail cameras come with a built in cell phone, which allows them to upload the pictures they take to the internet. For a small monthly fee, you can visit your account on, and check out the photographs from the comfort

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Oct 142014
End of Summer Urban Wildlife Recap

Its been a busy summer. I didn’t get out as often as I would have liked—it seems real life kept getting in the way. A number of special projects I had in mind for this summer will have to be put off until next year. But that’s ok, in spite of the obstacles I did

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Dec 092013
Journal - Exploring

Dateline – October 12, 2013 On occasion I go into the woods with no other purpose other that to just see what I can see. At these time I let serendipity lead the way, and I am almost always glad I did. I went on one such hike this past October. Most of this trip

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Sep 242013
Cottonmouth - Do Not Disturb

Every once in a while I’ll spot something—a landform or a water feature—on Google Maps that I just can’t resist. That was the case with this observation. Looking at an aerial view, I found a small pond tucked away in a fortification of dense underbrush—acres of it. Judging from the imagery, there was almost certainly

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