May 302012

This exotic looking Yellow-crowned Night Heron was observed in the Lake Highlands area of Dallas, Texas.

Observation Details

County Dallas
Center map
City Dallas
Date May 9, 2012
Time of Day Afternoon
Temperature Hot (greater than 89°F/32°C)
Weather Clear
Habitat Recreation-Park
Type of Behavior Stationary
Gender Uncertain
Maturity Adult
Observer Chris Jackson
Main Article Yellow-crowned Night Heron Observation Location

  3 Responses to “Yellow-crowned Night Heron – Exotic”

  1. Wow! These birds are so pretty. I see them on my morning walks quite frequently!

    • I have 5 of these in a tree over my house. It appears there are two adults and 3 chicks. One adult keeps watch from a second perch, while the other hunts and brings food back to the main nest. Two of the light blue eggs fell on my sidewalk a while back. There is a plethora of poo on my roof. However, they are very pretty. As a non-bird watcher, it took quite a bit of research to figure out what this was.

  2. We have two in a pecan tree in our front yard. I have not seen any chicks but they are leaving a huge mess in the street were the branch hangs over. We live in the Lake Highlands area near Walnut Hill and Audelia.

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