A recent speaking engagement in Fort Worth put me in close proximity to a place I have long wanted to visit, but never before had the chance to. The Fort Worth Nature Center is pretty far from home for me, and I never could seem to make time to stop by. But on this day, with the nature center was just down the road and around the corner from me–how could I not go?

It was mid-morning by the time I finished with my talk. Afterwards, I gathered up my camera gear, jumped the car, and headed off for the FWNC. A few minutes later I was at the front gates.

The weather gods were not going to cooperate with me on this day, however. While in route, a heavy rain began to fall. The steady downpour would continue for the balance of the afternoon.

The rain, combined with my unfamiliarity with the general lay of the Fort Worth Nature Center would keep me inside the car for the entirety of this visit. I would have to tour the park from behind the wheel. But that was ok. The extensive road system would take me to every corner of the park.

And fortunately, a quick drive through was all it would take to make a big impression on me. The park is beautiful and has a wide variety of interesting and compelling terrain–all of it well reachable on foot via the comprehensive trail system.

The ugly weather limited my wildlife viewing opportunities to a large degree, but not all of the park’s critters were put off by the rain. White-tailed Deer were out in force this morning, and I had many opportunities for pictures. A few examples follow…

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