A Fox Squirrel keeping the faith at Old Alton Bridge in unincorporated Denton County.

Wikipedia has this to say about Fox Squirrels:

Eastern fox squirrels are most abundant in open forest stands with little understory vegetation; they are not found in stands with dense undergrowth. Ideal habitat is small stands of large trees interspersed with agricultural land. The size and spacing of pines and oaks are among the important features of eastern fox squirrel habitat. The actual species of pines and oaks themselves may not always be a major consideration in defining eastern fox squirrel habitat. Eastern fox squirrels are often observed foraging on the ground several hundred meters from the nearest woodlot. Eastern fox squirrels also commonly occupy forest edge habitat

Fox Squirrel - Keeping the Faith

foxsquirrel-keepingthefaith-002Fox Squirrel - Keeping the Faith

Fox Squirrel - Keeping the Faith

Fox Squirrel - Keeping the Faith

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