After being advised to take a closer look at my pictures from last week’s Snow Goose Observation I found that there were a couple of other geese species present in the congregation as well.

Ross’s Geese are present, but they are tricky to identify because they are superficially similar in appearance to the Snow Geese. The key differences are that Ross’s Geese are slightly smaller than Snow Geese. They are more starkly white than Snow Geese, and have smaller, daintier beaks.

Suspected Ross’s Geese are indicated with arrows in the pictures below.

Ross's Goose - Friends

Ross's Goose - Friends

Observation Details

County Dallas
City Seagoville
Date Feb 10, 2013
Time of Day Afternoon
Temperature Cool (50-69°F/10-21°C)
Weather Clear
Habitat Agricultural-Pasture
Type of Behavior Congregating
Gender Mixed
Maturity Mixed
Observer Chris Jackson
Main Article Ross’s Goose Observation Location

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