This congregation of Monk Parakeets was photographed next to the Katy Trail just south of Knox Street in Dallas, Texas.

An Oncor substation next to the Katy Trail just south of Knox Street in Dallas, Texas.
A Monk Parakeet nest.
Feral Monk Parakeets near the Katy Trail.
A pair of Monk Parakeets at cross-purposes.
Approaching the nest.
A Monk Parakeet peering out of his nest.
More Monk Parakeets in a nearby tree. Notice the native Blue Jay in the background. The tree was full of colorful birds!
A Blue Jay seen amongst a congregation of Monk Parakeets in Dallas, Texas.

Observation Details

County Dallas
City Dallas
Date Oct 20, 2012
Time of Day Midmorning
Temperature Warm (70-89°F/21-32°C)
Weather Clear
Habitat Recreation-Park
Type of Behavior Congregating
Gender Mixed
Maturity Adult
Observer Chris Jackson
Main Article Monk Parakeet Observation Location

4 Replies to “Monk Parakeet – Katy Trail”

  1. Duncanville has had a healthy population of monk parrots.for at least 8 years.that I know if.their new phone book.features the little Darlings on the cover.nest at danieldale and the last block of cedar ridge before big stone and bigstone name a few.

  2. There is a colony of about 10 with nests at a power substation at the end of Armstrong St. as it dead ends into the Katy Trail. I noticed there is a storm drain here with a steady stream that runs under the Katy Trail. Lots of squirrels, a crow, and other birds nests at this location.

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