Well, look who’s back! Our resident Raccoon troublemaker. This juvenile delinquent has been trapped in this trash bin before. Only a couple of days ago, in fact.

Evidently the trauma associated with his first experience was not enough to override his desire for an easy meal.

The Saunders discovered the young Raccoon in their trashcan Sunday afternoon. They speculate that the Raccoon is using a combination of a nearby tree, a privacy fence, and a recycling bin to gain access to the lid of their trash bin. With those nimble Raccoon hands of his, this little guy probably has no trouble opening the lid just enough for him to be able to enter. We imagine he spends the rest of the night gorging on what ever delicacies he can find in the refuse. Never mind that once inside there is no way out for our Raccoon friend.

Mr. Saunder again released the trapped critter by gently tilting over the trashcan. The lid has now been secured with a heavy rock in an effort to prevent repeat offenses.

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