This photograph comes to us from Meredith Saunders in Carrollton, Texas.

Meredith’s husband received a little surprise when he took the trash out this past weekend. Opening the lid to his roll-away trash bin, Meredith’s husband was taken aback to see that there was some kind of fuzzy little creature already inside.

After retrieving a camera, Meredith and her husband returned for a closer look. Sure enough, the small animal inside the trashcan was a juvenile Raccoon.

This little guy appears just barely old enough to be on his own, and may still be making the rounds of the neighborhood his mother and siblings ordinarily.

Whatever the case, he was certainly old enough to get himself in some serious mischief. He no doubt found his way into the trashcan searching for a midnight snack. But once inside the deep bin, there was no way out for the hapless Raccoon.

Now, this could have been a fatal mistake for our Raccoon friend. The temperature on this day was easily in the triple digits. One can only imagine how hot it must have been for the Raccoon, trapped as he was inside the trashcan. It is fortunate for this little guy that Meredith and her husband came along when they did, because he probably would not have lasted the remainder of the day in the intense heat.

Instead, the Saunder’s gently tilted the trash bin over on its side and the frightened Raccoon ran right out. He will live to make more mischief on another day!

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