Garland is truly the Land of Gar. This Spotted Gar was observed in the Rowlett Creek Nature Preserve in Garland, Texas. The fish was discovered having some difficulty trying to make his way upstream through shallow water over a rocky base. The gar was captured briefly, thoroughly examined, and then released a little further upstream in deeper water.

2 Replies to “Spotted Gar – In the Land of Gar”

  1. What is the implement by which the fish is being suspended in the last photo? It appears to be a golf club, but it might be a hook of some kind. In either case, it does not appear to be beneficial to the fish’s welfare. Careful handling of live fish to be released is important if they are to survive.

    1. I believe the fellow who provided these pictures is a amateur herpetologist. I would suspect that the instrument seen in these photographs is a snake hook. Your reminder to engage in careful and respectful handling is a good one.

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