I discovered these geese early one morning as I walked through Carrollton’s Greenbelt Park at Nob Hill.

The mated pair was swimming in one of the ponds near the north end of the park. They seemed accustomed people and were generally unconcerned by my presence. In fact, as I walked by, they seemed to try and follow me as if they were hoping to be fed. They seemed a bit disappointed as I continued down the path and away from the pond.

About twenty minutes later, just as I reached the opposite end of the park, I heard the distinctive honking sounds of approaching Canada Geese. I turned in time to take a series of pictures of the geese as they flew from one horizon to the the other.

The change in color of the early morning sky—from a warm orange to a velvety blue-gray—as they flew by was striking, and created beautiful silhouettes.

DateMar 29, 2012
Time of DayMorning
TemperatureCool (50-69°F/10-21°C)
Type of BehaviorFlying
ObserverChris Jackson

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