Oct 282013
Journal - The Legend of Goatman's Bridge

Dateline – October 28, 2013 I mention Old Alton Bridge frequently on this website. This bridge spans Hickory Creek in a remote part of Denton County and is surrounded by Army Corps of Engineers land adjacent to Lewisville Lake. The wilderness that follows Hickory Creek into Lewisville Lake is a great place to observe wildlife.

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Jun 182013
Whooping Crane - Summer of the Cranes

NOTE: This post is part of a continuing series of observations: [ Next >> ] Many of you have been following, with great interest, the unusual occurrence of a pair of young Whooping Cranes arriving at Lake Ray Hubbard in Rowlett, Texas this spring. Eleven days ago those two cranes decided to move on. The

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Feb 072013
Journal - Hiking the Elm Fork

Dateline – February 2, 2013 On Google Maps the lands north of Lewisville Lake all the way up to Lake Ray Roberts appears to be one of the most expansive and remote wilderness areas in the metroplex. I have long been intrigued by the possibilities of what might be hidden in these swamps, bogs and

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May 292011
Journal - Ghost Towns in North Texas?

Dateline – March 28, 2005 While collecting data for the maps I made for this site I stumbled across something interesting. I referenced a number of maps while attempting to compile a complete list of all of the municipalities in the five county area covered by DFWUrbanWildlife.com. What I found surprised me. Consider this map

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May 142011
Journal - A Year on the Trail, Part 2

Dateline – May 14, 2011 Continued from A Year on the Trail, Part 1 I began this project in March 2009. My intent was to monitor the wildlife traffic through a specific part of a 700 acre parcel of land in far southeast Denton County. I chose a location where the natural vegetation, barbed-wire fences,

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May 042011
Journal - A Year on the Trail, Part 1

Dateline – May 4, 2011 In urban and suburban areas there are a surprising number of places, that in spite of being surrounded by human activity, rarely if ever experience the direct presence of people. Even in the most urban of areas there are places that are intruded on only as frequently, and briefly, as

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