Mar 142014
Armadillo - Gruesome End

Armadillos are supremely confidence in their leathery suit of armor. They go about their daily business seemingly without concerns about danger. But this is a passive form of confidence. Armadillos have poor eyesight and hearing. As a result they are often unaware of impending threats. Evolution equipped these little animals with a very reliable defense,

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Jan 102014
White-tailed Deer - Big Day

The are pockets of White-tailed Deer in various places around the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. In some of these places the population density of deer is beginning to rise. But urban White-tailed Deer are not always easy to observe, regardless of how many deer a parcel of land supports. Many different factors influence whether you will

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Nov 052013
Three-toed Box Turtle - Side by Side

We have a couple of species of box turtle living here in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Both are exceedingly rare and I don’t come across them often in the field. That is part of what makes this observation so interesting. Here I have found not one, but two Three-toed Box Turtle skeletons side by side.

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Oct 082013
White-tailed Deer - Skeleton

I don’t come across these very often. This is the remnants of a White-tailed Deer skeleton. I discovered these bones scattered across a wide area—I would estimate that they were strewn over roughly 150 square yards/meters. As you can see from these pictures, the entire skeleton was not present at this location. Further, many of

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Apr 082013
Great Horned Owl – VCDB Nests The End

NOTE: This observation is a continuation of a previous post. The earlier article can be found here: Great Horned Owl – VCDB Nests Update 9 Well, I finally got the good weather I had been hoping would coincide with a trip out to photograph the VCDB owl nests. The temperatures were warm, the sky was

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Mar 202013
Red-eared Slider - Deceased

I came across this unusual find in Arlington’s River Legacy Park. This is a recently deceased Red-eared Slider. I’m not sure how this semi-aquatic turtle arrived at this location, which is several hundred yards/meters away from any standing body of water. He may have wandered to this spot from the river, or a predator may

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