Mar 142014
Armadillo - Gruesome End

Armadillos are supremely confidence in their leathery suit of armor. They go about their daily business seemingly without concerns about danger. But this is a passive form of confidence. Armadillos have poor eyesight and hearing. As a result they are often unaware of impending threats. Evolution equipped these little animals with a very reliable defense,

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Jan 102014
White-tailed Deer - Big Day

The are pockets of White-tailed Deer in various places around the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. In some of these places the population density of deer is beginning to rise. But urban White-tailed Deer are not always easy to observe, regardless of how many deer a parcel of land supports. Many different factors influence whether you will

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Nov 052013
Three-toed Box Turtle - Side by Side

We have a couple of species of box turtle living here in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Both are exceedingly rare and I don’t come across them often in the field. That is part of what makes this observation so interesting. Here I have found not one, but two Three-toed Box Turtle skeletons side by side.

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Oct 082013
White-tailed Deer - Skeleton

I don’t come across these very often. This is the remnants of a White-tailed Deer skeleton. I discovered these bones scattered across a wide area—I would estimate that they were strewn over roughly 150 square yards/meters. As you can see from these pictures, the entire skeleton was not present at this location. Further, many of

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Sep 272013
Coyote - Skull

I discovered this Coyote skull deep in the woods near Lewisville Lake. No other bones were found nearby. Just the skull. It is a small reminder that the beauty of nature often conceals an ugly dark side. Death is seldom peaceful in nature. Nor is it often quick, especially for non-prey animals. Death catches up

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Sep 022013
Bobcat - Skeleton

I found this Bobcat skeleton near the Trinity River in Hutchins, Texas. I don’t come across many of these. More commonly I will find Coyote, Beaver, or Raccoon skeletons. This one is incomplete. Limbs are missing, as is the jawbone. Some soft tissue is still evident on the bones in various places.

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Mar 202013
Red-eared Slider - Deceased

I came across this unusual find in Arlington’s River Legacy Park. This is a recently deceased Red-eared Slider. I’m not sure how this semi-aquatic turtle arrived at this location, which is several hundred yards/meters away from any standing body of water. He may have wandered to this spot from the river, or a predator may

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Feb 252013
Mink - Distemper

The distemper epidemic continues unabated in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Many types of urban wildlife of susceptible to this terrible disease. This Mink—a likely victim of canine distemper—was found in the Great Trinity Forest near Pemberton Hill Rd. Pictures courtesy Ben Sandifer.

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