Nov 302012
Beaver - Skull

This Beaver Skull was found under the tree canopy very close to the Trinity River at McCommas Bluff. This was the small skull of a juvenile or young adult animal. No other parts of the skeleton were discovered in the immediate vicinity. It is not clear what killed this young Beaver, but he was almost

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Jan 242012
Journal - Rescue, Rehab, and Release

Dateline – March 1, 2009 This past spring my daughter and I were invited to participate in an event that turned out to be quite a remarkable experience. Valeri Marler of the Wildlife Center at Crosstimbers Ranch, a wildlife rehabilitation and education center, graciously asked us to accompany her in the releasing of a number

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Nov 282011
Beaver - Home Maintenance

These videos and photographs are from a series of Beaver observations made in Carrollton, Texas. The images were recorded over the course of two busy nights with a time lapse camera. During this time the Beaver made a considerable number of modifications to its lodge. It also briefly interacted with other wildlife, and it had

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Nov 022011
Beaver - A Suburban Pond

I discovered this Beaver activity sometime around mid-September. This location is just just around a 100 yards/meters from the head of a small creek that flows through our neighborhood. Ultimately this creek continues on until it merges with the Trinity River a few miles/kilometers to the west. Over the years a number of trees have

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Sep 212011
Beaver - In a Business Park

Beavers in urban and suburban environments often cause problems with water management as a consequences of their dam building. I got word of this particular case after overhearing a conversation about how many times a local business had to pay to have a drainage culvert unplugged due to the activities of a resident Beaver. The

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