Feb 142013

NOTE: This observation is a continuation of a previous post. The earlier article can be found here: Great Horned Owl – VCDB Nest

There are at least two Great Horned Owl’s nests in the swampy area southwest corner of the Village Creek Drying Bed. The owls have set up in an active Great Blue Heron rookery, and their nest are modified and enlarged heron nests.

Several dozen Great Blue Herons occupy nests in the surrounding trees, creating an interesting dynamic. Surely, the Great Horned Owls will prey on heron chicks in order to keep their own owlets well fed. Even the adult herons would be relatively easy pickings after dark.

But, the best information I had found so far indicates that this is not the case. The Great Blue Herons I have observed seemed unconcerned about the predator in their midst. There may be more to this nesting arrangement than first meets the eye.

This observation is continued here: Great Horned Owl – VCDB Nests Update 1

Nest One - Notice the Great Blue Heron nest near the top right corner of the picture.

South Nest – Notice the Great Blue Heron nest near the top right corner of the picture.

Nest One - Zoomed In

South Nest – Zoomed In

Nest Two

North Nest

Nest Two - Zoomed In

North Nest – Zoomed In

Observation Details

County Tarrant
Center map
City Arlington
Date Feb 10, 2013
Time of Day Afternoon
Temperature Cool (50-69°F/10-21°C)
Weather Clear
Habitat Water-Bog/Marsh/Swamp
Type of Behavior Nesting
Gender Female
Maturity Adult
Observer Chris Jackson
Main Article Great Horned Owl Observation Location

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