May 302012

The Great Trinity Forest is simply awash with Feral Hogs. There are more hogs in these woods than can be counted, and their sign is everywhere.

This is a sampling of Feral Hog pictures taken in the Great Trinity Forest by automatic Scouting Cameras. Of note are photographs of a particularly large boar, a sounders with at least nine pigs, a sow with piglets, and a uniquely colored hog with black spots.

Early one foggy morning my Scouting Camera recorded an image of this extremely large boar.

This big fellow was photographed on a number of occasions, but never when facing the camera.

This unusual looking pig seems to be colored gray with black spots.

I count at least nine hogs in this sounder.

A sounder of Feral Hogs moving through the Great Trinity Forest in Dallas, Texas

Feral Hogs foraging along the shore of a small lake in the Great Trinity Forest.

Feral Hogs in Dallas, Texas.

A sow with piglets.

Feral Hogs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

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  1. Well, the piglets are cute anyways!

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