Apr 242016
Garland Goodbye

The company I have worked for the past 20 years recently built for us a brand new campus in Richardson, Texas near the George Bush Expressway. Our old facility was located just a few miles down the road in the City of Garland. That building complex can trace its roots all the way back to

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Nov 262012
Yellow-bellied Water Snake - Leaf Litter

It is still possible to encounter snakes in Dallas area, even this late into the fall. Warm temperatures and beautiful sunny days will bring them out, and they can still be active and alert. This snake is a harmless, nonvenomous Yellow-bellied Water Snake. It was encountered near Lemmon Lake in the Joppa Preserve.

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Apr 252012
Yellow-bellied Water Snake - Skinny Dipping

I came across two Yellow-bellied Water Snake cavorting in a small shaded puddle. The puddle was located in a dried out gully. Only the shade of nearby trees prevented this puddle from evaporating as well. The two snakes were small, but one was slightly longer than the other. I would estimate that the bigger snake

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