Feb 102014
Journal - Hearts Afire

Dateline – February 1, 2014 One of the great privileges of keeping this website is the opportunity it affords me to meet good-hearted folks who love animals and wildlife. Case in point is an email I recently received from Marzi Pecen. Marzi is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator who works with White-tailed Deer at the Hearts

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Feb 132013
Journal - Raptor Release

Dateline – February 3, 2013 Wildlife rehabilitation is a labor of love for which the rewards are not always tangible. Heroic efforts are often required to bring wild animals back from the brink of death. Coaxing a recovery from injury or illness requires a deep commitment. It’s not enough to care—you have to invest yourself

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Jan 242012
Journal - Rescue, Rehab, and Release

Dateline – March 1, 2009 This past spring my daughter and I were invited to participate in an event that turned out to be quite a remarkable experience. Valeri Marler of the Wildlife Center at Crosstimbers Ranch, a wildlife rehabilitation and education center, graciously asked us to accompany her in the releasing of a number

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