Sep 262016
A Summer of Extraordinary Urban Wildlife - 2016

What an amazing summer it has been! I have been pursuing Wildlife photography for over ten years now, and I am still making new and exciting discoveries. What a wonderful hobby this is! This summer has been special with sights and sounds like few others. The long hard drought of 2012 through 2014 is now

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Jun 252014
Urban Wildlife Roundup - North and South

Dateline – June 20, 2014 Today’s urban wildlife roundup will take us to the far extremes of the metroplex—both north and south. The first set of photographs were taken around Lewisville Lake in Denton County over the course of several days. The next section contains a collection of pictures recorded just last weekend in south

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Jun 112014
Urban Wildlife - Ten Days in May

Dateline – May 11, 2014 I had a number of interesting wildlife encounters over the course of ten days this past May. The weather in North Texas in mid-spring is still very nice. It can get warm, but the heat is never oppressive the way it is in the dog days of summer. In May,

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Sep 232013
Journal - Poaching on Public Lands

Dateline September 23, 2013 Fall is coming. If you’re sensitive to it you may have been able to catch a hint of it in the air on most mornings for several weeks now—especially if you make the effort to detect it before the temperature has the chance to climb into the triple-digit range later in

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Aug 202012
Wild Turkey - At Benbrook Lake

Wild Turkeys observed near Benbrook Lake in southwest Tarrant County. This group of turkeys is mostly likely a hen with her nearly grown chicks. Observation Details County – Tarrant City – Unincorporated Date – Aug 18, 2012 Time of Day – Afternoon Temperature – Warm (70-89°F/21-32°C) Weather – Rain Habitat – Undeveloped-Wooded Type of Behavior

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Jul 032011

We observed several Wild Turkeys drinking water on the lake side of the Lake Lewisville dam. At first we believed they had to be vultures, but upon closer inspection we discovered they were in fact wild turkeys.   County – Denton City – Lewisville Date – June 20, 2010 Time of Day – Afternoon Temperature

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