Aug 252018
White Rock Creek - End to End

There are many creeks and streams that flow across the varied terrains of North Texas. Most all course through neighborhoods and business park for at least part of their run. For a majority of these waterways their ultimate rendezvous is with the Trinity River, or one of its reservoirs. Along the way our creeks may

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Mar 262015
Announcement - Two Dogs, White Rock Lake, and an iNaturalist Bioblitz

Britney and Shadow and White Rock Lake Our two new pups—Britney and Shadow—will be making their debut at White Rock Lake this weekend. We plan to arrive Sunday morning (Mar 29) around 11 o’clock. This will be a big event for the pups. They have not yet had an opportunity to spend much time around

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Feb 172015
In Search of the White Rock Lake Bald Eagle

Last year, around mid-September, I began to pickup on chatter about Bald Eagle sightings at White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas. White Rock Lake is only a few miles from the downtown Dallas, and is about as urban as any lake in the area. The lake itself is ringed by narrow strip of parkland, but

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