Sep 262016
A Summer of Extraordinary Urban Wildlife - 2016

What an amazing summer it has been! I have been pursuing Wildlife photography for over ten years now, and I am still making new and exciting discoveries. What a wonderful hobby this is! This summer has been special with sights and sounds like few others. The long hard drought of 2012 through 2014 is now

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Jun 252014
Urban Wildlife Roundup - North and South

Dateline – June 20, 2014 Today’s urban wildlife roundup will take us to the far extremes of the metroplex—both north and south. The first set of photographs were taken around Lewisville Lake in Denton County over the course of several days. The next section contains a collection of pictures recorded just last weekend in south

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Jun 182014
Josey the Orphaned Bobcat Kitten - Update Two

Dateline – June 16, 2014 NOTE: This post is part of a continuing series of observations: [ First | << Prev | Next >> ] This article is meant to be an update on the progress of Josey, the orphaned Bobcat kitten that was rescued in Carrollton about two months ago. As you can see

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Jun 132014
DFW Urban Wildlife iNaturalist Project – Favorites

Every week I am amazed by the number of great new iNaturalist observations that are submitted to the DFW Urban Wildlife project. We now have a total of 84 participating members, who have provided over 3100 urban wildlife observations, representing 365 different species. That is really amazing, I think! Together we are building a complete

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Sep 072013
Tricolored Heron - Swamp

This is a lone Tricolored Heron seen congregating with a large number of Cattle Egrets around a small lake in Hutchins, Texas. All of the birds fled as I approached. Observation Details County – Dallas City – Hutchins Date – Jul 27, 2013 Time of Day – Midmorning Temperature – Hot (greater than 89°F/32°C) Weather

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Jul 142013
Tricolored Heron - Flyby

This is another bird I rarely see flying through the air. This Tricolored Heron was a particularly strong flier. He was almost falcon like in his grace. Observation Details County – Dallas City – Seagoville Date – May 19, 2013 Time of Day – Morning Temperature – Warm (70-89°F/21-32°C) Weather – Partly Cloudy Habitat –

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Jun 242013
Tricolored Heron – UTSWMC Nest Update 9

Dateline – June 15, 2013 NOTE: This post is part of a continuing series of observations: [ First |<< Prev | Next >> ] The Tricolored Herons at the UTSWMC rookery have had a rough time of things. Late arriving and aggressive birds like White Ibises forced many Tricolored Herons off of their active nests.

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May 202013
White Ibis - UTSWMC Nest Update 4

Dateline – May 13, 2013 NOTE: This post is part of a continuing series of observations: [ First |<< Prev | Next >> ] NOTE: Additional updates can be found here: Tricolored Heron– UTSWMV Nest Update 5 White Ibises by the dozens have moved into the corner of the rookery formerly occupied by the Tricolored

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