Mar 252018
Snow Geese Galore

Dateline – February 14, 2018 An admission—this wildlife sighting did not take place inside our usual 10 county coverage area. BUT, a flock of some 5000 overwintering Snow Geese this close to Dallas/Fort Worth is such a special phenomenon that I decided to make and exception in this case! In truth, this sighting really doesn’t

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Mar 152017
Video - Bird Sounds

Whether they are calling, fussing, humming, begging for food, or singing to find a mate, birds can make an amazing variety of sounds. Some bird song is considered to be a beautiful sound that can be compared to music, while other birds produce what can only described as “noise”. Other birds are masters of impersonation.

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Mar 102017
Video - John Bunker Sands Wetland Center

John Bunker Sands Wetland Center is part of the East Fork Wetland Project, in the Trinity River basin near Seagoville. The late John Bunker Sands recognized the importance of wetlands to the total environment and began restoring and developing man-made wetlands in 1980. Bunker’s primary concern in the creation of the wetlands was the health

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Feb 012017
Winter Wildlife Videos

Winter brings a wide variety of wildlife to this area and it is my favorite time of year to be outside. I filmed a lot of wildlife (over 70 species) between mid November and late January and I have five videos to share. These were shot at different locations and are compilations of short clips

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Feb 112014
Snow Goose - And Company

We found hundreds of Snow Geese congregating on a farmer’s field near Seagoville, Texas. Also in the mix are similar but smaller Ross’s Geese. The geese were gathered on both sides of Kaufman Street, with the largest congregation to the north. At one point while we watched a trio of mischievous dogs ran headlong into

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Mar 272013
Snow Goose - Scattered

One afternoon while I was observing the far southeast Dallas County Bald Eagle nest, I was delighted to see a large flock of Snow Geese (mixed with Greater White-fronted Geese and Ross’s Geese) land near the holding ponds at the base of the hill. As more and more geese arrived the entire congregation began grazing

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