Nov 112017
The Beaver from the Black River

I noted this burrow on the bank of the Trinity River while out on a hike early one morning back in May. There was plenty of evidence around to suggest what type of critter lived here. The size of the entrance, the well-worn path leading up from the water, and the bark-stripped branches floating in

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Jan 072014
Coyote - Scatology

You can tell a lot about a Coyote’s diet by examining its droppings. Moreover, the contents of the scat can reveal much about how the environment and food supplies change with the seasons. The droppings in the pictures below were photographed at various times between the beginning of October 2013 and the end of December

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Jan 052013
Raccoon - Stamp Pad

These are Raccoon tracks found in the soft mud along the Trinity River near Sandy Lake Road. Wikipedia says this about Raccoons: The raccoon (Listeni/ræˈkuːn/, Procyon lotor), sometimes spelled racoon, also known as the common raccoon, North American raccoon, northern raccoon and colloquially as coon, is a medium-sized mammal native to North America. The raccoon

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Sep 042012
Bobcat - Tracks

I found these excellent impressions of Bobcat tracks in a culvert near a small subdivision in Frisco, Texas. These track were over 2in/5cm across, which means we are dealing with a relatively large Bobcat here. I have also included a side-by-side comparison with a Coyote track found in the same area. Key differences are the

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Apr 182012
Feral Hog - Lake Highlands Update

I first photographed a single Feral Hog at this location in the Lake Highlands area of Dallas, Texas several weeks ago. After the initial effort, I continued to monitor the area with Scouting Cameras for the next three weeks. My goal was to get some insight into how many hogs were present in these woods

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Dec 192011
Coyote - Ghosts of the Grass

This observation records a rare daytime sighting of urban Coyotes. This pair of Coyotes lives in the fields behind the Baylor Medical Center in Carrollton, Texas. These fields are use for agriculture, and by the middle of November the vegetation in these fields can be very high. On this day, we had stopped our vehicle

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Nov 122011
White-tailed Deer - They Are Here

White-tailed Deer sign in the southern most part of The Colony, Texas Here is what Wikipedia has to say about White-tailed Deer: There are several natural predators of white-tailed deer. Wolves, cougars, American alligators, and (in the tropics) jaguars are the more effective natural predators of white-tailed deer. These predators frequently pick out easily caught

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Nov 022011
Beaver - A Suburban Pond

I discovered this Beaver activity sometime around mid-September. This location is just just around a 100 yards/meters from the head of a small creek that flows through our neighborhood. Ultimately this creek continues on until it merges with the Trinity River a few miles/kilometers to the west. Over the years a number of trees have

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