Oct 232011
Journal - Camera Trapping

Dateline – October 23, 2011 Camera Trapping. I’ve been doing it for some time now, but I’ve only just recently become aware that it is called “Camera Trapping”, and that it is a rapidly growing hobby activity. What is Camera Trapping? Well, simply put, Camera Trapping is the use of an automatic, motion sensing camera

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May 142011
Journal - A Year on the Trail, Part 2

Dateline – May 14, 2011 Continued from A Year on the Trail, Part 1 I began this project in March 2009. My intent was to monitor the wildlife traffic through a specific part of a 700 acre parcel of land in far southeast Denton County. I chose a location where the natural vegetation, barbed-wire fences,

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May 042011
Journal - A Year on the Trail, Part 1

Dateline – May 4, 2011 In urban and suburban areas there are a surprising number of places, that in spite of being surrounded by human activity, rarely if ever experience the direct presence of people. Even in the most urban of areas there are places that are intruded on only as frequently, and briefly, as

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