Jun 172018
This Past Winter

I’m a little late getting this article online. Summer kinda leap-frogged spring this year and took me by surprise. A late spring cold snap gave way to a early heatwave, and then on into summer. I wanted to make this post while the weather was still somewhat cool, so that winter wouldn’t seem like such

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Sep 262016
A Summer of Extraordinary Urban Wildlife - 2016

What an amazing summer it has been! I have been pursuing Wildlife photography for over ten years now, and I am still making new and exciting discoveries. What a wonderful hobby this is! This summer has been special with sights and sounds like few others. The long hard drought of 2012 through 2014 is now

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Jan 152015
DFW Urban Wildlife iNaturalist Project – Favorites

My goodness! How the DFW Urban Wildlife iNaturalist Project continues grow! After passing the milestone of 10,000 observations near the end of last year, we are now rapidly approaching 12,000 unique observations! This amazing achievement is the result of 186 enthusiastic and dedicated members. Together they have documented a total of 579 different species living

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Jan 132014
Journal - Return to Riverbend

Dateline – October 26, 2013 I’ve been to the Trinity River Greenbelt Riverbend Preserve before—or at least I thought I had. Let me explain. I visited this fantastic spot in far south Dallas County for the first time just a little over a year ago, and posted a writeup about the trip here: Exploring Lock

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Feb 122013
River Otter - Field and Stream

We had an interesting River Otter sighting this past weekend. Like most I have experienced, this one was fleeting, with little chance for quality photographs because of intervening vegetation. But, the viewing was good, and the behavior was unusual enough to merit mention. We came across this River Otter deep in the woods. He was

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Feb 142012
Journal - My Wish List Part 1: Mammals

Dateline – February 14, 2012 Some types of urban wildlife are easier to observe than others. These animals, whether it is because they are more common or because they have more accommodating habits, find their way in front of your camera readily and require relatively little extra effort from the photographer. Other animals—ones that are

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