Oct 222013
Parkhill Prairie Crayfish - The Blue Trail

This is a female Parkhill Prairie Crayfish. Often people think of crayfish as strictly aquatic animals but there are actually several species that are adapted to living away from bodies of water. The Parkhill Prairie Crayfish is one such example. Instead of living in ponds, lakes, or streams, this crayfish constructs a burrow which extends

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Jul 202011
Parkhill Prairie Crayfish - By the Gazebo

I have recently discovered a third colony of what I believe are Parkhill Prairie Crayfish in one of our neighborhood’s parks. Again, the colony consists of a number of burrows well away from a body of standing water. This new colony is located roughly halfway between the two other colonies I have discovered, being approximately

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Jul 102011
Parkhill Prairie Crayfish - Identification

When I first discovered these crayfish I had no idea what species they were. As it turns out, positively identifying invertebrates is often very challenging, and these crayfish were no exception. I visited the crayfish colony one evening after a summer rain storm had passed through. The temperature was relatively low, and the humidity was

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Jun 222011
Announcement - ARKive.org Pictures

Some photographs I took of a Parkhill Prairie Crayfish colony are now on display at ARKive.org. ARKive is and interesting project whose stated mission is “Promoting the Conservation of the World’s Threatened Species, Through the Power of Wildlife Imagery.” ARKive also has the backing of many of the world’s leading conservation organizations, including BirdLife International,

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Jun 142011
Parkhill Prairie Crayfish - On the Church Grounds

Once I was aware that crayfish in this part of North Texas are able to form colonies well away from standing water, I began to look for their chimneys in other locations. My first find away from the original colony was on the freshly mowed grounds of this neighborhood church. The mud chimneys of this

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May 282011
Parkhill Prairie Crayfish - On Dry Land

I actually first discovered this crayfish colony almost a year ago, while visiting a nearby park. At the time I noticed a number of mud structures, which I thought resembled crayfish chimneys. This particular location is nowhere near a standing body of water, which I believed would be essential for crayfish survival, so I dismissed

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