Jul 232011
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher - Tragic Death

We came across this unusual and tragic observation at a community park. The park has a network of ponds that people sometimes fish in. Someone must have gotten their fishing line, float, sinker and hook wrapped around this phone line by accident. This young bird must have come along later and become intrigued by the

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Jul 102011
Parkhill Prairie Crayfish - Identification

When I first discovered these crayfish I had no idea what species they were. As it turns out, positively identifying invertebrates is often very challenging, and these crayfish were no exception. I visited the crayfish colony one evening after a summer rain storm had passed through. The temperature was relatively low, and the humidity was

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Jul 082011
American Bullfrog - Texas Sized

I found this American Bullfrog hunkered down under some bushes on the side of my house. It was a surprising find. It is my understanding that bullfrogs require a sizable body of standing water in order to thrive. There is no body of standing water, of any size, closer than approximately 200yds/183m from my house.

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Jun 052011
Mediterranean Gecko - Up Close

This observation includes some closeup pictures a Mediterranean Gecko. Pay particular attention to the pictures of the gecko’s feet. Geckos have a unique ability to adhere to surfaces that would be challenging for most other creatures. This ability is attributed to the special physiology of the gecko’s foot as described in this quote from Wikipedia:

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