Jul 222014
DFW Raptors - Hawks, Falcons, and Eagles

Many people hold a particular fascination with raptors—otherwise known as birds of prey. I know I do. These big, powerful birds inspire us with their raw power, grace and majesty. So respected are these birds that they are often chosen as sports team mascots. Many countries use birds of prey as their national symbol. The

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Jan 272014
Journal - Late Afternoon

Dateline – October 15, 2013 When I go out looking for wildlife to photograph I generally prefer to start my hikes at the crack of dawn. Morning is one of the two times each day when wildlife is likely to be most active, and of the two it is probably the best. With a full

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Jul 072013
Northern Harrier - Harassed

These photographs come from earlier in the spring. Northern Harriers migrate as summer approaches in order to take a pass on the Texas heat. The harriers in these pictures are taking heat of another kind. Flying low over the reed beds at John Bunker Sands, the big raptors have attracted the attention of Red-winged Blackbirds

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Dec 072012
Northern Harrier - Photo Opp

Female Northern Harriers hunting along the Lewisville Lake dam and over the old fish hatchery. These attractive birds of prey seem to be drawn to the dam here at LLELA. The short grass covering the banks and air affects created by the rising earth the may be the key appeals. Northern Harriers are frequently seen

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Dec 062012
Northern Harrier - Hover Hunting

A female Northern Harrier hover hunting over the Lewisville Lake dam. Observation Details County – Denton City – Lewisville Date – Dec 1, 2012 Time of Day – Morning Temperature – Warm (70-89°F/21-32°C) Weather – Overcast Habitat – Recreation-Park Type of Behavior – Hunting Gender – Female Maturity – Adult Observer – Chris Jackson Main

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Nov 232012
Northern Harrier - LLELA

This observation began when a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk caught my eye. This young bird was distinctly colored, and much darker than the typical Red-tailed Hawk. Red-tailed Hawks with this unusual coloration are also known as Harlan’s Hawks. You don’t see one everyday, that is for sure. I spotted the juvenile Harlan’s Hawk as he sat

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Oct 172012
Northern Harrier - VCDB

I caught just a glimpse of this Northern Harrier hunting over one of the water holding tanks at the Village Creek Drying Beds in Arlington, Texas. She was several drying beds away from me when I saw her, but the classic white upper tail coverts were unmistakable. Observation Details County – Tarrant City – Arlington

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Mar 152012

I observed this Northern Harrier as he came to land on a wooden fence post near the pond I was scouting. The first year juvenile surveyed the area briefly and then took to the air again. Once airborne, the harrier followed the shoreline, carefully peering into the reeds below. He was obviously searching out prey

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