Aug 272017
A Computer Programmer Considers Insect Behavior

It was an ordinary, but small, Paper Wasp nest. Construction of the nest had begun only a week or two prior. At any given time there would never be more than three adult wasps present. The nest had about a dozen cells—with only six containing growing larvae. The other cells were either empty or contained

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Feb 042017
For the Love of Birds

I urge everyone to start their Bird Life List.   I have always loved birds and last February a friend of my parents suggested that I record what I’ve seen past and present.  It has literally changed my life as it created an excuse to go out and explore nature.   All ages and abilities can enjoy birding and it is a great

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Apr 212015
Flower Mound Robin’s Nest 2015 - Update 2

NOTE: This post is part of a continuing series of observations: [ First | << Prev ] April 10 through April 11 – Flower Mound, Texas Phil got lots of great pictures of the robins this time around. Included in this set are several photographs of the newly hatched baby birds. It appears the babies

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