Dec 222012
Mourning Dove - Mesquite Tree

A Mourning Dove observed in The Colony, Texas Observation Details County – Denton City – The Colony Date – Nov 7, 2009 Time of Day – Noon Temperature – Cool (50-69°F/10-21°C) Weather – Overcast Habitat – Agricultural-Pasture Type of Behavior – Roaming Gender – Uncertain Maturity – Adult Observer – Chris Jackson Main Article –

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Sep 122012
Mourning Dove - White Rock Lake

These Mourning Doves were part of a much larger congregation of doves (both Mourning and White-winged Doves) photographed at White Rock Lake. Observation Details County – Dallas City – Dallas Date – Sep 8, 2012 Time of Day – Afternoon Temperature – Warm (70-89°F/21-32°C) Weather – Clear Habitat – Recreation-Park Type of Behavior – Congregating

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Sep 102012
Journal - Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Dateline – August 26, 2012 It is no secret that I enjoy working on this web site. Almost every week it seems I come across something new and interesting—often things I have never seen or heard of before. But, every once in a while, my efforts lead me to something really unique—something that I feel

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Nov 072011

This Mourning Dove nest was discovered with two eggs in it over the 4th of July holiday. The nest is located in a hanging basket on the balcony of the photographer’s apartment. The original pair of eggs hatched and the brood was successfully raised, with the young doves leaving the nest around the beginning of

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Aug 032011
Mourning Dove - Albino

The stark whiteness of this albino Mourning Dove is what first caught the observer’s attention. Observation Details County – Denton City – Carrollton Date – August 8, 2009 Time of Day – Afternoon Temperature – Hot (greater than 89°F/32°C) Weather – Cloudy Habitat – Residential-Single Family Type of Behavior – Surveying Gender – Uncertain Maturity

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