May 172015
Join the DFW Urban Wildlife Facebook Group

For some time now I have been following and participating in various wildlife related Facebook Groups. I really enjoy the special give and take between the members that goes on in these groups. I especially like the spontaneity and immediacy of the postings. Some really special and unique wildlife stuff get shared in these venues.

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Oct 142014
End of Summer Urban Wildlife Recap

Its been a busy summer. I didn’t get out as often as I would have liked—it seems real life kept getting in the way. A number of special projects I had in mind for this summer will have to be put off until next year. But that’s ok, in spite of the obstacles I did

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Jul 222014
DFW Raptors - Hawks, Falcons, and Eagles

Many people hold a particular fascination with raptors—otherwise known as birds of prey. I know I do. These big, powerful birds inspire us with their raw power, grace and majesty. So respected are these birds that they are often chosen as sports team mascots. Many countries use birds of prey as their national symbol. The

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Oct 022013
Mississippi Kite - Kettles

Mississippi Kites are some of my favorite birds. The uniform slate gray coloration and sleek form of the adult reminds me of a jet fighter plane. Their acrobatic flying skills hone the analogy. Mississippi Kites are birds of prey, but they hunt mostly insects. On several occasions I witnessed a kite dive out of the

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Sep 052012
Mississippi Kite - Kettle

I observed this large kettle of Mississippi Kites flying high over Old Alton Bridge in unincorporated Denton County. Kites, usually in pairs, moved in and out of the congregation. At its height, there were at least eight of these sleek birds soaring together. Observations Details County – Denton City – Unincorporated Date – Sep 3,

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Aug 312012
Mississippi Kite - Wolf Springs Road

Earlier this summer I saw and photographed my first Mississippi Kite. Before that day I was never aware of having seen one. Now, I find that I am seeing them quite frequently, especially in certain landscapes. Its remarkable how things can change once you allow yourself to become open to a new possibility. Most of

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Aug 132012
Journal - My Wish List Part 2: Birds

Dateline – August 13, 2012 Have you ever made a to-do list and included tasks that you had already completed, just so you could mark them off the list? I think everybody has done so at one time or the other. There is just something very satisfying about marking a job done well as finished.

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