Jan 212015
Deer, Osprey, and the End of the Day

One of the reasons I enjoy the holiday season so much is because the extra time off work allows me just a little more flexibility with my schedule. This past holiday I tried to use this time away from the desk to be just a bit more deliberate with my wildlife observing. Ordinarily, I like

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Oct 282013
Announcement - Louisiana Whooping Crane Update!

This past summer we had some very special guests in North Texas. As many of you know, two groups of Whooping Cranes from White Lake in Louisiana spent the season’s warm months in and around the Dallas/Fort Worth area. White Lake is the location of a reintroduction effort designed to reestablish a nonmigratory population Whooping

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Sep 172013
Journal - Kayaks on the Elm Fork

Dateline – August 24, 2013 For this trip down the the Trinity River we chose to use Sea Eagle 330 inflatable kayaks. These kayaks were chosen in this case mostly for logistical reason. When deflated, the kayaks fold up into a bedroll sized package. At this size they are easily carried, and more importantly, easily

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Feb 072013
Journal - Hiking the Elm Fork

Dateline – February 2, 2013 On Google Maps the lands north of Lewisville Lake all the way up to Lake Ray Roberts appears to be one of the most expansive and remote wilderness areas in the metroplex. I have long been intrigued by the possibilities of what might be hidden in these swamps, bogs and

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