Aug 042018
Hiking the Habitat at Hagerman

The nice folks at Friends of Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge Nature Photo Club recently invited me up to the Visitor Center to give a little talk about Urban Wildlife. I was excited to accept! This would be my first trip to Hagerman and I was eager to go. After my presentation, photo club member Ron

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Mar 152017
Video - Bird Sounds

Whether they are calling, fussing, humming, begging for food, or singing to find a mate, birds can make an amazing variety of sounds. Some bird song is considered to be a beautiful sound that can be compared to music, while other birds produce what can only described as “noise”. Other birds are masters of impersonation.

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May 162014
DFW Urban Wildlife iNaturalist Project - Accolades

The DFW Urban Wildlife iNaturalist Project has been a great success. We now have 75 contributing members who together have posted over 2700 urban wildlife observations, which account for 338 unique species documented. This is really quite an accomplishment. Together we are building a complete and detailed record of the wide variety of wildlife living

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