Apr 012013
Raccoon - Outbreak

This stricken Raccoon was discovered by the side of a house in a disoriented and unresponsive state. Obviously very ill, this Raccoon is likely another victim of the distemper outbreak infecting small mammals all across north Texas. Animal control was alerted, but by the time they arrived the Raccoon had gathered enough strength to move

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Feb 052013
Raccoon - Distemper

This observation comes to us from Ben Sandifer. It is a follow up of sorts to an article I linked last week about a Distemper epidemic spreading through our local Raccoon population: Distemper Outbreak. The hot spot for the disease seems to be centered around the north end of White Rock Lake—an area of very

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Oct 022011
Coyote - The Mange

My kids and I were driving through the town of Richardson, Texas when my daughter spotted a strange looking dog or Coyote on the grounds of a church near the busy intersection of East Collins Boulevard and Jupiter Road. We quickly pulled into the church’s parking lot, and were surprised to find a Richardson Animal

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